Alzheimer´s disease and Dementia ("deprived of mind")

Dementia is a serious cognitive disorder. Mainly people above the age of 65 are affected. Arround 60% of worldwide 24 Million people with dementia suffer from Morbus Alzheimer. Years before patients or members of the familiy have noticed the first symptoms, small plaques of ß-amyloid-peptides have constituted in the brain.

Drugs are not able to heal this condition, but can delay the progression. Due to the fact, that the hormone "acetylcholine" is decreased in these patients, there is evidence, that Implant-Acupuncture is able to increase this hormone.

We know, that the following criteria are first warning signals:

  • The proband repeats always the same question
  • The proband repeats always the same short story
  • The proband has forgotten, who to perform usual things, like cooking, to play cards or how to use the remote control
  • The proband has lost control of dealing with money (e.g. remittance)
  • The proband doesn´t find objects or placed those at unusal places (unintentional hide) and suspects others to take away the missing object
  • The proband neglects his /her appearance and denies this
  • The proband answers a question while repeating the same question

However, dementia and Alzheimer´s disease can be treated by Implant-Acupuncture. The main target is delay of progression or to stopp the condition itself.