Parkinson´s Disease

For research purposes, a detailed analysis after treatment with Implant-Acupuncture was done referring to patients with Parkinson´s disease (Study by Dr. Elemer Teshmar, Germany).

Within an observation period of 5-25 weeks after implantation, more than 90% of the patients showed a considerable improvement in life quality. The survey was focused on reduction of medication, mobility, general well-being, mood, trembling (tremor), as well as bowel movement. At least four out of six symptoms were rated as improved. In most cases, the beneficial effect occurred within the first three weeks after implantation, but even after several months, improvements can still be noticed.

During the first few days, some patients experienced a temporary deterioration of existing symptoms, which is also known from homoeopathy. The described variations related to a damped oscillation which swings very often into an improved level.

The clinical experience of eight years with Implant-Acupuncture by Parkinson´s disease revealed, that many patients reported that the disease itself has not changed to worse since implantation. This is remarkable, because it is well accepted in the Western medical sciences that Morbus Parkinson is becoming worse and worse by time (progress to worse).

In 2007, Dr. Rolf Wlasak (Germany) proved the data from Dr. Teshmar, and came to the conclusion of a significant improvement by Implant-Acupuncture.