Auricular or Ear Acupuncture uses the body´s main control centre – the brain. All impulses triggered by acupuncture reach the addressed body parts via the diencephalon (middle brain).

Detailed information about where pain is originally located or which organs of the body are mainly affected (when symptoms are inconclusive) can be derived by examining the different reflex points by Ear Acupuncture.

Professional acupuncturists are able to locate further disturbances in the body, which delay or even inhibit healing processes. Very often, these so-called “disturbances” do not seem to be connected to the actual disease itself and therefore are not really noticed by many patients.

However, these pathogenic “focuses” can have an extremely negative impact on the body´s function, so that it is much likely to develop diseases. In addition, conventional therapies might become minor effective according to an existing illness.

Implant-Acupuncture provides an instrument to treat medical conditions and pathological influences that are directly or indirectly connected to the illness. This is very often the first step to enhance self-healing potentials of the human body