Mode of Action

To establish Implant-Acupuncture in Germany, it was necessary to design a new needle. Today, the implant-needle made from medical titanium has only the size of the tip of a pin. It can be implanted directly under the skin with the help of an especially designed device.

The effect is that of permanent acupuncture. The implanted titanium needle remains in the ear and triggers a permanent stimulating reflex, which is responsible for the bodies self-healing potential. The application of the implant-needle triggers a continuous stimulus on the acupuncture points. This stimulates several hormones, such as dopamine (for Parkinson´s disease and Restless-Legs-Syndrome) and ß-endorphin (for chronic pain conditions). Moreover, many patients reported that Implant-Acupuncture stabilizes their immune defense and regulates the autonomic nervous system (e.g. blood-pressure-control) much better than before.

Light pressure on the insertion tool pushes the titanium implant into the skin.

Due to the small size of the implant, the skin absorbs the pin immediately.

After approx. 2 days, the pin is completely ingrown in its destination point.