Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis is a disease, which very slowly irritates central fibres in the brain and the spinal cord. Today, there is nothing in the medical field, which can heal the condition of Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Therefore, the only possibility in MS is to slow down the process or in best cases to stop or even decrease the symptoms. However, the first patients we treated in Germany did respond very encouraged. So far, we have seen arround 150 patients and the conclusion is as follows:

  • It is best to come as early as possible
  • Implant-Acupuncture explored positive effects for irritated sensations in the limbs
  • Implant-Acupuncture explored positive effects for weak arms and legs
  • Implant-Acupuncture explored positive effects on eyesight and vision

However, before a possible treatment could start, we need to evaluate if Implant-Acupuncture may have positive effects for your condition. Therefore, please feel free to send an E-Mail. We need the following data:

  • When did the symptoms start and when did you exactly know the diagnose
  • We need to know all your medications (also for other diseases)
  • What do you exactly suffer from? Please desribe your symptoms

If you have any other questinons, please give us a call.